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    LEOS OPI-100  

    LED Electrical and Optical test System

    • Key features

    • Setting luminous and                                                  Color coordinate
      electrical characteristics,
      Spectrum analysis

      Integrated measurement for optical and electrical characteristics

      ㆍHigh sensitivity, High resolution spectrometer: Peak/Dominant Wavelength, Half width,
      Color coordinate, Measurement for radiant flux, Luminous flux, radiant Intensity, luminance
      intensity, Correlated color temperature, Color rendering index and luminous efficiency
      ㆍForward and Backward current/voltage, Sweep
      ㆍEasy to connect with Integrating Sphere System and Gonio spectrometer System
      - Integrated measurements for total luminous flux and Luminous intensity depending on
      directional angle are possible
      ㆍBe able to be connected with Prober, Handler and other equipments to compose a in-line
      measurement system.