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    LED Environment System

    • Key features
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      This system is able to automatically measure luminous
      intensity, illuminance, luminance and spectral characteristics
      for LED device and LED module complying KS and
      International Commission on Illumination, and it is
      equipped with standard correction meter and softwares

      ▌▌▌ F eature
      For reliability evaluation of large output LED unit and LED module operator
      would not measure by hand power but equipment measures characteristics
      value automatically and periodically to build constant temperature chamber and
      measuring machine

      ▌▌▌ S pecification
      ㆍ Range of wavelength analysis: 190~1700mm, measurement distance
      1~12mm can move
      ㆍ Environmental change (temperature, humidity)
      ㆍ 60inch LCD, PDP brightness and degree of uniformity measurement
      ㆍ Simultaneous measurement for the intensity of light, brightness, intensity of
      illumination, color analysis, emission power