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    Measure optical/electrical/thermal properties for various high output, multi-chip, and module LED/OLED as well as current stressing and measurement. Support up to 3A and consecutive/pulse type

    • Measure performance of high output, multi chip LED/OLED
    • Measure optical/electrical/thermal properties for various high output, multi-chip, and module LED/OLED.

    • Support up to 3A of current stressing and measurement and consecutive/pulse type.

    • Minimum pulse width: 1msec

    • Extend source meter up to 32 channels.

    • Support adapters for various types of package.

    • Integrated measurement of optical/electrical/thermal properties


      High sensitivity and resolution spectrometer.

      - Peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, Full width half max, color coordinate, luminous intensity, velocity of light, intensity radiation, radiant flux, Correlated color temperature, Color rendering index, optical efficiency, etc.

      High speed and precision Sourcemeter - forward/reverse current, voltage, and light - current - voltage sweep.

      Adapt barrel and integrating sphere at the same time - Easy measurement for luminous intensity/total luminous flux items.

      High resolution and power TE temp controller - Measure optical/electrical/thermal properties of target between 0~100 [Temp resolving power 0.1]

      Linked with thermal property meter, measure K-factor, temp on connected part, thermal resistance, and functional output. (Optional)


    • Optimal for measurement of quality inspection and R&D reliability
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        current-voltage, voltage-current, current-light Sweep measurement.

      Measure optical/electrical/thermal properties by temp and time.

      Select various fourier domains. (UV, UV-VIS, VIS, VIS-IR)

      Select various types of optical fiber, SMA connector, and cosine collector.

      Measure power stressing and select measurement range using KeithleySourcemeter.

      Support special requirements for function. (Optional)

    • High user convenience
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      Simultaneous measurement and saving of optical/electrical/thermal properties by one-click.

      Set up 20 measurement conditions for electrical properties and consecutive measurement.

      Set up to 10 current stressing conditions for optical property measurement. Consecutive measurement.

      Set up measurement conditions, measure, save and view for each measuring target.

      Intuitive recognition of result using spectrum and color coordinate.

      Can be used as PC as equipped with high performance industrial computer.

      Save results in text, Excel(*, CSV), and image. (BMP)