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    Connect various mass-production equipment (Sorter.Prover.Handler) to tester. Provide user friendly interface and Under Photometer function. Automatically save collected data as Excel file and statistical processing.

    • Specificatons
    • Peak / Dominant Wavelength p, d Refer to LEOS(OPI-100) :
      Providing with all the items/specifications to measure In LEOS
      Luminous / Radiant Intensity IV, Ie
      CIE Color Coordinates Cx, Cy
      Half With Hw
      Reverse Current / Voltage Ir, Vr
      Forward Current / Voltage If, Vf
      *Luminous / Radiant Flux Φv, Φe
      CCT(Tc),CRI(Ra),Optical Efficacy(K)
      Light-Current-Voltage Sweep
      Power source Max 1~10A, Pulse mode support (Optional)
      Spectrum ranage UV, UV~Visible, Visible, Visible~IR, IR, UV~IR ( Selectable )
      Optical Power 0.0001 ~ 100 cd (Selectable)
      Rank Max 256Bin
      Interface Parallel/RS-232C/GPIB(Optional)
      Data-storage format Excel(*, CSV )/Text/Image(BMP)
      Built-in PC Windows XP, Pentium M 1.6G Hz , RAM 512 MB, HDD 80G, 17” LCD Monitor
      Power 100~230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
      Available Temperature /Moisture 5~40℃/Less than 95% relative, non-condensing
    • Easy measurement of various items and user interface (Support on-demand SW design)
    • Measure all electrical/optical properties and sweep in tester(LEOS)

    • ㆍOptical Measurement
    •   Spectrum, Peak/Dominant wave length (λp, λd), CIE Color Coordinate(Cx,Cy Color Coordinates),
    •   Luminous Intensity(IV,Light Intensity), Correlated Color Temperature(CCT(Tc), Correlated Color Temperature),
    •   Color Rendering Index(CRI(Ra), color rendering), CIE XYZ ( tristimulus values), POL (polarity)
    • ㆍElectrical Measurement
    •   Forward /Reverse Current (If, Ir), Forward/Reverse Voltage (Vf,Vr), I-V-L Sweep
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    • Detect edge using SW

    • Ink marking

    • Rapid measurement speed : 0.3 sec / sample

    • Modify, save and edit measurement conditions

    • Easy and simple station operation and wafer alignment

    • Ranking and Mapping measurement data in accordance with user grade settings

    • Statistical processing and saving results (Graph, Mapping, Excel(*,CSV), Text, and BMP)

    • Measurement data compatibility (Data compatibility with sorter)

    • Optimal user interface for quality management and R&D

    • Highly compatible with mass production equipment
    • TTL, RS232, GPIB interface ( TTL : input 8, output 10 (Adapted photo coupler)

    • Active mode settings for input/output port

    • Provide separate current for polarity measurement: 0~10Ma, provide spectrum measurement current: 0~1A

    • Accurate and reliable measurement
    • Apply CIE measurement mode and KRISS standard.

    • High precision measurement using Keithley 2400.

    • Low noise, high precision and high reproduction rate using TE Cooled 2048 pixel CCD sensor.