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    Simultaneously measure optical and electrical property of high output LED to the change of temperature. Measure performance of high output single and multi chip LED.Measure optical and eelectrical properties at the same time, rapidly control temperature a

    • Measure performance of LED eip chip wafer
    • Universal LED Tester System consists of Cryo cooler system for controlling extreme temperature and integrating sphere for measuring total Luminous flux ortotal radiation-flux of chip.

    • Cryo cooler system is a chamber where you can put samples such as a piece of epi and chip wafe, LED unit ,etc and measures optical and electrical property of sample by flexibly changing temperature bewteen 10k~380k [Tempresolving power 0.1 ]

    • Probe station measures optical /electrical properties of epi and chip wafer.

    • 6"integrating sphere calculates optical efficacy and measures Total Luminous flux andtotal radiation-flux of chip LED attached to TO can by measuring cryo cooler system and optical power to the change of temperature.

    • Integrated measurement of optical and electrical properties
    • Optical properties measurement items.

    • - Spectral properties : Peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, mid-wavelength, center wavelength, Full width half max, color coordinate, purity, color temperature, Color rendering index , etc.

    • - The amount of lightproperties :Luminance, luminous intensity, intensity radiation, etc.

    • Electrical property measuring items.

    • - forward current, forward voltage, reverse current, reverse voltage, etc.

    • Sweep measurement items.

    • - current-voltage, voltage-current, current-optical properties, Temp-Electrical property, and Temp-optical properties.

    • Measure spectral properties using high sensitivity and resolution spectrometer.

    • Accurate and stable optical power by correcting color in real time using integrating sphere type input optical system andspectrometer.

    • Measure electrical property using high precision and speed 4 channel source meter.

    • Measure up to 3A of current stressing and print it out in consecutive and pulse format.

    • Optimal for QA, R&D and reliability measurement
    • current-voltage, voltage-current, current-optical sweep measurement.

    • Measure optical and electrical properties to change of temperature and time.

    • Select variousFourier domains(UV, UV-VIS, VIS, VIS-IR).

    • KeithSelect various power sources (Voltage, current, and pulse) stressing and measurement ranges using Keithley2420 Sourcementer.

    • Additional features available upon user requirements. (Optional)

    • User friendly environment
    • Simultaneous measurement of all channels or individual measurement for each channel when measuring multiple chips.

    • Various conditional measurement.

    • - Repeated Aging Time measurement: Perform one time measurement by repeating the number of times after aging of sample for a certain amount of time.

    • - Aging Time measurement in certain interval: Perform measurement in certain interval after aging of sample for a certain amount of time.

    • The measurement data is to be saved in a form that allows user to intuitively recognize the change ofoptical properties/electrical property. (CSV file)

    • Save data of temperature change over time. (Data and image file)

    • Save and open measurement conditions in a form of Project file.

    • Accurate and rapid temperature control
    • Provide CIE and KS standard measurement mode.

    • Correct using Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science certified lamp and LED.

    • Proxy Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science(KRISS) correction certification. (Optional)

    • Technical support and maintenance
    • User oriented set-up and instruction.

    • Develop SW to meet user requirements.

    • Provide measurement knowledge and information through activities in CEI and photometry club service and prompt A/S

    • Rapid A/S


    • Specifications
      Voltage Range ±1μV ~ ±105V
      Current Range ±100pA to ±3.5A, ±10A[Pulse Only]
      Setting Temperature 9K to 390K Resolution 0.1℃
      PD Temperature 20℃ to 30℃ 중 선택, 고정
      Spectrometer 350 to 900nm, 2048 CCD array Type
      Optical Head 50mm integrating Sphere
      Photodiode 350 to 900nm, 10㎡ Area
      Dimension 2,400mm[W] x 1,200mm[D] x 1,800mm[H]