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    Equipment to measure electrical and optical properties of LED epi wafer at the same time.

    • Measure EL property of LED epi
    • Measure electroluminescence of LED epi wafer.

    • Measure upper/lower illumination of wafer by using glass.

    • Has measuring sensors in upper and lower parts.

    • Easy to move and contact to wafer toward xyz axis by using knob.

    • Maximize work convenience and productivity.

    • Accurate light receiving by using 2" integrating sphere for light head.

    • Improve measurement accuracy by using optical power meter andspectrometer at the same time.

    • highly user friendly SW environment.

    • Integrated measurement of optical and electrical properties
    • optical properties measurement items.

    • - Spectral properties: Peak wavelength, dominant wavelength, mid-wavelength, center wavelength, Full width half max, color coordinate, purity, color temperature, Color rendering index , etc.

    • - Amount of light: luminous intensity, intensity radiation , etc.

    • Electrical property measurement items- forward current, forward voltage, reverse current, reverse voltage, etc.

    • Sweep measurement items.

    • - current-voltage, voltage-current, current-optical properties.

    • Measure Spectral properties using High sensitivity and resolution spectrometer.

    • Ensure accurate and stable measurement of optical power via real time color correction of PD using integrating sphere type input optical system andspectrometer.

    • Measure electrical property using high speed and precision source meter.

    • Measure up to 1A of current stressing.

    • Optimized for QA and R&D
    • Measure current-voltage, voltage-current, current-optical Sweep.

    • Select various Fourier domains. (UV, UV-VIS, VIS, VIS-IR)

    • Select various power sources (voltage and current) stressing and measurement ranges by using Keithley2400 Sourcemeter.

    • Additional features available as per user requirements. (Optional)

    • Highly friendly user environment
    • Intuitive recognition of measurement results- measurementspectrum, color coordinate, cumulatedspectrum,

    • Display results in list format or graph by measuring items, and mapping.

    • Setting up various conditions - User selected optical and electrical property items, and sweep measurement settings.

    • Grade setting function.

    • Save individual measurement value from upper and lower sensors and Total value.

    • Save data of temperature change over time. (Data and image file)

    • Save and open measurement conditions in a form of Project file.

    • Accurate and stable measurement
    • Provide CIE and KS standard measurement mode.

    • Correct using Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science certified lamp and LED.

    • Proxy Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science(KRISS) correction certification. (Optional)

    • Technical support and maintenance
    • User oriented set-up and instruction.

    • Develop SW to meet user requirements.

    • Provide measurement knowledge and information through activities in CEI and photometry club.

    • Rapid A/S: Support jig for measurement of various types of sample.

    • Voltage Range ±1㎶ ~ ±205V
      Current Range ±100pA to ±1.0A
      Probe Station 150mm Glass Plate
      X-Y Movement : 50 X 50mm Travel
      PD Temperature 20℃ to 30℃ 중 선택, 고정
      350 to 830nm, 2048 CCD array type
      Optical Head 50mm Integrating Sphere
      Photodiode 380 to 950nm, 10㎟ Area