Rogue dealers knock millions of miles off odometers

replica bags los angeles What buying second hand means for your rights (Image: Steve Lewis)Get the biggest money stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThis means verifying the of the recorded mileage. They also have to abide by the new Consumer Rights Act 2015 for vehicles purchased after October 1 2015 and the Sale of Goods Act 1979 for any bought before that.Under both Acts, new or used must be:Of satisfactory quality This means it should be of a standard a reasonable person would expect, taking into account factors such as age, value, history, mileage and make.An old vehicle with high mileage would not be expected to be as good as a newer vehicle with low mileage.But either should be roadworthy, reliable and in a condition with its age and price.Fit for purpose This means you must be able to use the vehicle for purposes you would normally expect including any particular purpose you tell the dealer about before you buy.As described The vehicle must match the dealer’s description.Rogue dealers knock millions of miles off odometers, how to safely buy a second hand carRead MoreHow to lower the cost of drivingWhen things go wrong Under the new law post October 1 2015 you have the right to an automatic refund if the vehicle turns out to be faulty within the first high quality designer replica 30 days after you purchase it.If a fault comes to light after 30 days but before six months have passed you are entitled to a repair, replacement or refund.During this period, unless you have agreed otherwise, the dealer has one opportunity to repair or replace the faulty vehicle. After that you are entitled to a refund.After six months the burden is on you to prove that the vehicle was faulty at the time of delivery.Revealed: The UK’s fastest selling used carsRead MoreThe tricks to cheaper car insurancePrivate sellers This is one of the riskiest ways of buying a car. replica bags los angeles

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