Several bikers and passersby were struck

On September 17, the East Delhi Municipal Corporation had registered a first information report (FIR) against Tiwari, who is a member of Parliament from North east Delhi, for allegedly breaking the seal of the premises in Gokalpuri village in his constituency a day earlier.Following the directions of Supreme Court appointed monitoring committee, civic agencies of Delhi on December 15 started sealing properties violating municipal norms. The three civic agencies have sealed over 6,000 properties, including shops, offices, commercial units, and residential dwellings so far for land use violation or running industries in non conforming areas.Addressing the leader directly, justice Lokur referred to Tiwari interview to a TV channel, where he allegedly made the statement accusing the committee of picking and choosing while sealing illegal structures.Singh rebutted allegations by the monitoring committee, saying the panel was misusing the court orders. At this, justice Deepak Gupta, also a member of the bench, said Tiwari should have come to court rather than breaking the seal on his own.Tiwari later said that he would file an affidavit in the apex court in a week explaining his position.

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