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Oklahoma City police seized the ring as evidence

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It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve patiently lectured

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She knows that she is complicit in the systematic rape and

Has Its First Real Me Too Moment

buy canada goose jacket Season 2, Episode 9 sees Commander Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) and Serena Joy (Yvonne Strahovski) travel to the Great White North for diplomatic talks. The commander is there as a negotiator. Serena, whom he’d whipped with a belt just days before, is forced to accompany him to show the world what a “strong Gilead wife” looks like. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose Coats On Sale During their stay in Canada, Serena is faced with the opportunity to turn her back on Gilead permanently in the form of a very handsome American official named Marc (Sam Jaeger) and Commander Canada Goose Jackets Waterford is forced to look both Luke (OT Fagbenle) and Moira (Samira Wiley) in the eyes. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Meanwhile, in Gilead, Rita (Amanda Brugel) and canadian goose jacket June (Elisabeth Moss), whom Serena has decided will leave the Waterford house as soon as the baby is born, are left at the mercy of a young, vicious Guardian named Isaac. During the Waterfords’ time away, June enlists Rita and Aunt Lydia to protect her child from the commander.

But arguably the episode’s most affecting confrontation is between Nick (Max Minghella) and Luke. The two men who love June are brought together, and it is their shared efforts that get the stories of Gilead’s women out into the world.

Emma: This episode, we got an Airbnb joke, a hot new American official and a Rihanna song over the credits (just one week late, Laura)! Is this what “having it all” looks like as a viewer of “The Handmaid’s Tale”?

But, jokes aside, movement is continuing in and out of Gilead, and it feels like hope real, somewhat longer lasting hope might finally be present in this show. I know we started off the season talking about what a terrifying chore it is to watch “The Handmaid’s Tale,” but I have to admit that every week that passes I get more and more into it. Initial thoughts?

canada goose uk black friday Laura: I just finally stopped crying for long enough to have some thoughts. canada goose uk black friday

This was my favorite episode of the season so far. We can finally hate Serena! She had some moments of empathy in earlier episodes, some moments of compassion but now we see that her eyes are fully open to what Gilead is. She knows that she is complicit in the systematic rape and captivity of other women and that she herself is being oppressed. She knows the religious justifications of the regime are bullshit. She is given canada goose an out: A very hot American man offers her a trip to Hawaii and a chance to speak out against Gilead, which would free her and so many other suffering women from a brutal patriarchal regime. And what does she say? “So far, all you’ve offered me is treason and coconuts.”

Then she throws her Hawaii themed matches into the fire, signifying that she’s made her choice. She’s going to uphold the regime. She’s fully complicit. We don’t have to try to sympathize with her anymore.

canada goose clearance Emma: Maybe I’m a sucker, but I’m still incredibly intrigued by and even empathetic toward Serena. It would be too easy to have her break with Gilead so quickly. As we’ve discussed, she is likely ultimately irredeemable. And yet This episode is filled with little moments that bely the cracks in Serena’s Strong Gilead Wife facade. She is close to tears for canada goose coats on sale most of the scenes she’s in. She flinches when buy canada goose jacket Fred touches her shoulder and asks her to accompany him to Canada on a diplomatic mission. Her face lights up when she sees the freedom of movement and choice that the women of Canada still have to work, to make out in the streets, to walk around with their daughters and raise them however they please. And her face falls when she sees the way Canadian people treat her a mother and daughter don’t even want to share an elevator with her. canada goose clearance

cheap canada goose uk Serena is not used to being a pariah, but now she certainly is one, both outside of her country and inside her own house. She’s so very alone. But, being Serena, instead of reaching out for a lifeline or an ally, she digs her heels in. official Marc gives her, matches that have cheap Canada Goose a phone number on them that she could call for a potential escape route. cheap canada goose uk

And that’s also why she decides that Offred must go as soon as possible. I’m sure she sees June as the corrupting force that made her feel unfulfilled by her circumstances. They worked together and forged a friendship, and now the feelings those things elicited can’t be taken back. Serena’s eyes are fully opened, but she’s not yet strong enough (and far too stubborn) to go back on the system she’s dedicated her life to creating. I don’t sympathize with her, but I do still have some empathy left.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Also, can we talk about how the dynamic between Serena and the commander has shifted? The whole episode it felt like he was trying to get her back on his side, reassure her somehow. He says they’re “lucky.” He gives her responsibility, tries to make her feel valued: “Canadians think women here are oppressed, that they’re voiceless,” he says. “I need you to show them a strong Gilead wife.” And yet don’t all of those statements land so differently now that he’s made it clear that he is capable of and willing to commit violence against her? buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Online Laura: Yes, something has clearly changed between the commander and Serena since he viciously beat her. I think the purpose of that beating was to remind her that she is, in fact, his property, not his equal. And it did have that effect. And now he’s asking for the strong Serena back, the one who helped him make Gilead what it is, because he recognizes that Gilead cannot survive if there aren’t any strong female voices willing to defend it and to uphold its lies. Canada Goose Online

uk canada goose outlet But Serena, for now, seems to be have been beaten into submission and silence. She doesn’t say much during this episode she accompanies the commander to Canada, but she isn’t the same activist Serena from pre Gilead times that captivated the room and made her voice heard. Instead, it’s the Jezebels who end up speaking canada goose black friday sale the loudest from Gilead and having the most impact, giving “The Handmaid’s Tale” its first Me Too moment of the series. uk canada goose outlet

canada goose clearance sale Emma: That scene absolutely wrecked me. We see hundreds of women, presumably former Gilead citizens, holding up signs around the commander’s security detail that say “I AM ____” with their names. These women are angry. They’re yelling, and canada goose deals a few even throw things at the cars. The signs are significant because Canada Goose online in Gilead, women are wives or Marthas or aunts or handmaids. But outside of Gilead, they’re human beings with distinct identities. canada goose clearance sale

Before I dive into my thoughts on the protests, though, I just have to comment on how eerie it was to watch this episode against the backdrop of President Trumpentering diplomatic talkswith North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and engaging in a war of wordswith Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Not a direct parallel, but still a dark reminder of what’s at stake on a human level when world leaders come together or part ways. (I was especially struck by the reminder by the American ambassador that Moira and Luke and all the Gilead refugees are simply guests of the Canadian government. Before this episode it hadn’t occurred to me that they could simply be deported back to Gilead.)

But back to the protests: To me and judging from the way we were both sobbing during these scenes, you might agree with me these were the most affecting moments of the episode. We finally got to see what it looked like when the most powerful in Gilead are forced to confront their nation’s former citizens. Except this time, as the commander comments, these people cannot be controlled. They are not bound by the oppressive rules of Gilead. They’re free to speak up.

canada goose coats Earlier in the episode, Moira wonders what good it will do to speak out. And yet, it’s the stories of people in Gilead that end up making a real difference and forcing the Canadian government to take deportation of illegal immigrants and trade off the table. Nick (bless his hot little face) gets the letters that June had been holding on to for months to Luke, and Luke in turn gets them published. canada goose coats

Overnight, a public uproar erupts and ultimately changes the direction of diplomatic talks. Canadian citizens speak out, Gilead refugees speak out, and hundreds of former Gilead citizens gather around the commander’s car as it leaves for the airport. They’re all holding signs with their real names. I fully wept when Moira reclaimed her name, holding her I AM MOIRA canada goose clearance sign in front of Fred’s window, forcing him to see it.

“Not Ruby, asshole,” she mutters under her breath. And I honestly think even the commander buy canada goose jacket cheap looked rattled in that moment.

Canada Goose online Laura: The moments that affected me the most were when canada goose clearance sale Luke held up the giant photo of himself and June and their Canada Goose Outlet baby, forcing the Waterfords to confront the real woman that they enslaved. And the conversation between Luke and Nick, when Nick finally tells Luke that June is pregnant (though he lies about whose baby it is), was so incredibly heartbreaking. We finally see these two very different worlds colliding in the form of two men who are genuinely both in love with June, and Nick seems to realize in that moment that he has no right to her at all, because their relationship was only enabled by her abduction and captivity. Talk about a tragic ass love triangle. There are references to Airbnb and H in this episode, making it clear that this is all occurring in the present day. So when the Jezebels are finally able to get their stories out to the world, you really feel these parallels between them and all the real life women who have finally come forward in the past year to hold men accountable for years of sexual harassment and abuse. Canada Goose online

canada goose factory sale In that way, this episode really explores the idea of protest. We saw in an earlier episode the handmaids use force as a means of rebellion; a woman strapped a bomb to herself and attacked Gilead. But it didn’t seem to have much effect at all. Here, we get the sense that it’s actually these women’s voices and their stories rather than a bloody revolution that may be able to bring down Gilead once and for all. canada goose factory sale

Emma: Such a good point! The commander even says that the terror attack is what opened up diplomatic possibilities for Gilead. Those letters those stories are what shut them down.

I found myself really unsettled watching the way Canadians reacted to these Gilead officials. It made me wonder if that’s sort of the way people are starting to see us, Americans, from the outside. That’s part of the oddity of watching this show. Obviously we feel as though our stand ins are the handmaids, but is Serena kind of our stand in as well? I’ll be thinking about that for the next week.

canada goose One more thing I wanted to say about Serena is that we might have been tipped off to the messaging that could eventually break her. Marc mentions the lies her husband’s government perpetuates about women’s fertility, and despite the fact that she already knows Fred is the infertile one, it seems to get to her. “Gilead blames the fertility crisis Canada Goose sale on women, their sinfulness,” Marc says. “We see the problem often originating with men.” canada goose

Canada Goose Parka He also suggests that American scientists who we can only assume are all gathered between Alaska and Hawaii have made strides in the years since Gilead was established. “Now think of it a baby of your own. And freedom,” Marc says. I believe that vision is seductive to Serena, even if in the moment she insists that she has a child on the way and would never canada goose store leave her home. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose black friday sale Laura: Yes! Not to get all college film class on you, but I did take one of those, and I wanted to note the use of cigarettes in this season as a symbol of Serena’s various temptations. She throws the matches into the fire, but she hangs on to the cigarettes, suggesting I think what you said that a part of her is still curious and tempted by the alternate life that Marc laid out canada goose outlet in front of her canada goose black friday sale.

They cleared out the patio furniture and did loads of laundry

canada goose outlet lawsuits allege private prison company covered up youth sex abuse canada goose outlet

canada goose jacket outlet One patient I attended to was worried about leaving her cats alone while she went to hospital. Her neighbour was a close friend, so we canada goose outlet london arranged for the neighbour to check in with the cats every canada goose outlet locations in toronto few hours and make sure they were fed. The patient was so grateful and happy. canada goose jacket outlet

canada goose outlet uk sale Funnily enough, once I was left to my own devices, I ended up trying everything and now in my mid thirties, I’m constantly amazing my mum with what I do actually eat mostly everything except celery, olives and all kinds of melon. canada goose outlet uk Cannot even stand the smell of these canada goose shop uk foods; they smell so strong to me. Bizarre.. canada goose outlet uk sale

canada goose outlet canada Investigators became suspicious of Scortino’s computer use when, during the execution of a search warrant in Sept. 22, 2014, he said he wanted to keep a public computer overnight at his home and bring it to law enforcement the next day, according to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, which canada goose outlet in uk is overseen by the AG’s office, refused the request.. canada goose outlet canada

canada goose outlet uk As Hurricane Florence canada goose outlet online reviews looms, Maggie and Scott Warner are doing everything they can to adequately prepare. They purchased a generator and loaded up on medication, food and water. They cleared out the patio furniture and did loads of laundry. Another one of Zittlau’s asylum clients was repeatedly raped and beaten by her husband in Guatemala. She went to the police for help, but they dismissed her claims and told her to apologize to her husband, Zittlau said. She continued to endure the abuse until she learned that her husband was molesting one of her children. canada goose outlet uk

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Such as plans to change constituency boundaries so Hermes Belt

Are aware of the situation involving Klay and will continue to gather information, Bone said in a press release Friday. Will be suspended for Saturday game against UCLA and the situation will continue to be evaluated throughout the weekend. That time neither myself nor the team will have further comment, Bone said.

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canada goose black friday sale Haven’s Thornwick Bay Holiday Village: what not to miss on a family holiday in YorkshireWe tried out Haven’s Thornwick Bay Holiday Village in Yorkshire and checked out the best things to see and do while thereFlamborough North Landing Beach Yorkshire England UK Europe (Image: Getty)Get canada goose outlet in chicago Weekly updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersThank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee our privacy canada goose outlet uk noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailMy husband and I have never had a staycation. canada goose outlet mall Shocking, I know. We’re sun, sea and sangria/ouzo/grappa people.But now Paul and I have two kids Flo, five, and Emmie, two it’s much easier to just avoid airports.So off we went to East Yorkshire and Haven’s Thornwick Bay Holiday Village on the Flamborough coast.When we arrived at our Platinum caravan, we were amazed by the size of our home canada goose outlet in new york for the week. canada goose black friday sale

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Celine Bags Outlet Both Matthew and Luke say that Jesus was born during the reign of King Herod the Great, who died in April 4 BCE, but do not say exactly when he was born. In 533 the Roman abbot Dionysus Exiguus set out to create a calendar based on Christian history. He knew that it was impossible to say when Jesus was born, but he knew, or thought he knew, when Herod died. Celine Bags Outlet

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About how Homer found the thing that transformed him from

buy canada goose jacket At Calico and similar establishments, guests may give the cats treats (that works) or entice them with toys (that usually doesn’t). Chasing, awakening or picking up the animals is forbidden, and visitors are encouraged to wait to be approached. That didn’t yield results at other cat cafes I visited, but it did at Calico. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose uk outlet Bait pond: nine year old Amy Miller from Troon caught five fish weighing 9.35 lb, J. Savage from cheap canada goose jackets uk Kilwinning four fish weighing 8.44 lb. Mr Taylor from Prestwick three fish weighing 5 lb, Greg from Ayr two fish weighing 3.5 lb, nine year old Lucy Spiers from Troon caught two nice rainbow trout weighing 3.6 canada goose outlet italy lb, A. canada goose uk outlet

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Canada Goose Jackets That dissolved the paint but it was still in the fabric. Using a cotton swab we went over it with water. That diluted it further and we canada goose expedition uk were able to use a cloth to blot it out. This included capitalization. He comes randomly into town, and he stays canada goose outlet canada in a green tent by the town hall. To get into his shop, you need to have the password. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose sale Let the soap sit in the mold for 24 48 hours. This will give it time to harden canada goose outlet website review up a bit more. Then remove the soap from the mold and cut it into bars, however you would like to! Using fishing line to cut the soap works well for me. With the Native Americans pushed out, settlers began moving in, including 19th century Renaissance man Charles Goodnight, who drove more than 1,000 cattle into the canyon in 1876 and later helped established the JA Ranch, which still exists. Among his many pursuits he’s popularly known as the inventor of canada goose jacket uk sale the chuck wagon Goodnight, along with his canada goose outlet store montreal wife, Mary Ann, saved bison calves from the mass slaughter that nearly wiped out the species. These survivors’ descendants make up the Texas state bison herd in Caprock Canyons State Park, at the Discover More Here southern edge of Palo Duro.. Canada Goose sale

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