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Someone recently said to me, “I’ll bet if you had your way it

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The delay tactics used by the democrats did not work and did

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But every time I recommend it I’m met with the ‘are you mad?’

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This was a ridiculously heavy handed police reaction to what

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The 18 year old is one of the cleanest hitters among the ‘Gen Next’ players. With a slight backfoot trigger towards leg stump, the Mumbaikar makes room and plays his shots all around the wicket. While there is a preference for straight hits, he is equally adept in hitting the cut shots and is not afraid to pull the short balls when the need arises..

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After two years the cancer returned with a vengeance. The slide toward death must have been especially frustrating as his limbs gradually became frozen due to a central nervous tumor. However, till the end he remained loving and sought the interaction perhaps seeking to be positive for us, fellow cats and humans, in the face of his degradation.

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I asked why? He said I have a list of people that RSS wants to

The story first made news earlier this month after the city handed residents an eviction notice, effective Oct. 17. Mayor Valrie Plante said last week she wished the City could do more to stop the developer from moving ahead with his plans, but insisted her hands were tied.

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