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Rogue iPhone dev unmoved

Apple marketing veep Phil coque avec bague samsung a8 Schiller has put another smiley face on company’s capricious iPhone App Store approval process but at least coque samsung a40 clapet one developer who spent months battling the App Store police isn’t buying Schiller’s spin.

As The coque samsung s7 Reg reported ten days ago, a bug fix to Airfoil Speakers Touch an iPhone app from long time Mac developer Rogue Amoeba recently endured a convoluted multi month rejection process, ostensibly because it used trademarked Apple images.

In an wide ranging interview with coque huawei p20 BusinessWeek published today, Schiller defends the App Store approval process. “If coque verre samsung j3 2016 you don’t defend your trademarks, in the end you end up not owning them,” he says.

Meanwhile, Apple has now approved Rogue Amoeba’s rogue update with those offensive “trademarked images” and it has reappeared in the App Store.

But Paul coque rabat fin samsung a20 Kafasis, Rogue Amoeba’s CEO, isn’t satisfied. “Fixing one small coque samsung j3 2017 penda problem doesn’t mean the larger problems of the coque de samsung a10 garcon platform are fixed,” he told The Reg, “nor that the business realities have changed for us.”

Kafasis and his fellow Rogues won’t be coque samsung j3 2016 transparente avec bors or back to the iPhone. “We’re shipping one update,” he told us, coque samsung a50 beige “that’s all, at this time.”

Kafasis is not alone in his criticism of the App Store’s approval process and Schiller has been on a one man crusade to defend Cupertino’s policies. First, he tried to put out a firestorm of criticism about the rejection of an iPhone dictionary for what he characterized as “offensive ‘urban slang’ terms.”

Then, he sent a coque samsung a70 verre personal email attempting to mollify a developer who said he was “furious with Apple and AT about Cupertino’s rejection of the Google Voice app and other third party apps based on that service. And in August he got on the horn to a dev whose magic trick iPhone app had been deemed too confusing an app which was then certified by the App Store coque huawei p9 police.

But coque samsung j3 2016 original the problems remain. For coque samsung a10 quenn example, Joe Hewitt of Facebook wanxideng coque samsung a40 fame recently blogged that Apple’s “review process needs to be eliminated completely.”

Kafasis also believes that Apple needs to clean up its act. Discussing Apple’s refusal then acceptance of his iPhone app update, he coque fortnite samsung galaxy a10 told The Reg: “Apple isn’t consistent between their published SDK agreement which all developers sign and their internal review samsung galaxie a40 coque corail policies. In this particular case, they’re correcting an inconsistency. However, it highlights the fact that coque samsung a7 2018 batman such inconsistencies do exist and that there’s an internal rule coque huawei pro book which no one but Apple sees.”

And so the clamor continues for Apple to make public what Kafasis calls its “internal rule book.” Or to follow Hewitt’s advice and dump the approval process entirely.

Don’t expect Hewitt’s advice to be followed, however. There are, according to Schiller, some good reasons to screen apps. As he coque e samsung j3 2016 told BusinessWeek: “There have been applications submitted for approval that will steal personal data, or which are intended to help the user break the law, or which contain inappropriate content.”

Fair enough although “inappropriate content” is an awfully vague phrase.

And that’s the coques personnalisees iphone 5 5s se problem with the App Store approval process: uncertainty. The SDK agreement may be specific, but then there’s that pesky internal rule book that Kafasis refers to.