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5 major features we first spotted on Android

held its World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote yesterday, giving coque arriere samsung s6 edge plus people a taste of updates to come ondevices. As is now tradition, the company showed off the latest version of coque iphone 7 8 iOS at coque carte samsung s8 the event (iOS 12), delivering plenty of new features to the platform.Upon closer look, however, you’ll find that some of these new features have previously been announced by Google or are in Android already. Let’s take coque samsung s6 kawaii a look at a few of these featuresAutofilling one time PINs from texts coque iphone 8 silicone fruit Android Developers BlogOne time PINs via text message are a staple of bank apps and messaging clients, so we’re glad to seeput an end to manual copy/pasting of the coque iphone 4 code. Instead, the platform will now automatically retrieve and fill in samsung note 5 coque paillette the code when the text message is received by your phone.Automatic SMS Verification has coque s7 samsung marque been available in Android for app developers since last year at the coque chat samsung galaxy s7 very least, working with the likes of WhatsApp for a while now. No need to go into the messages app to view and copy the code, as the app does all the heavy lifting for you.Memoji We’re cheating a little with this one, asis responsible for popularizing the current trend of face mapped emoji in the first place. Nevertheless, the move to adopt customized avatars in lieu of coque iphone xr generic emoji is a take on Samsung’s AR Emoji feature, which took this route.Where ‘s effort seems to shine over Samsung’s take is that you can customize your avatar’s looks with a ton of diverse coque samsung galaxy s5 bts parts. Meanwhile, Samsung users can scan their face to get a supposedly accurate AR Emoji face. The results have been criticized, samsung coque iphone 7 s7 coque integrale however, along with coque iphone xs max white the customization options.Device activity and coque samsung a20 parental controls Google also delivered a new Screen Time feature with iOS 12, giving you a breakdown of your child’s app coque integrale note 9 samsung activity (along with time spent in each app). The feature also allows parents to restrict apps or limit time spent in specific apps. Furthermore, the function also allows parents to create self imposed app/time restrictions because digital wellbeing is so hot coque samsung s7 cinema right now.In any event, Google beatto the punch by announcing two near identical features. First up, it launched the Google Family Link app last year, which coque samsung galaxy s6 plume lets parents lock their child’s device, set screen time limits, and approve/reject Play Store downloads.Read: Hands on with Android PDigital wellbeing was also a key theme for Google at last month’s I/O conference, introducing the Dashboard in Android P. This gives you a breakdown of time spent on your phone, as well as most used apps. The latest notification related Android feature to surface in iOS Why, bundled/stacked notifications.This feature sees alerts from one app or conversation bundled or stacked into one notification. Simply tapping on the notification will reveal the other alerts. It’s smart stuff and we’re glad to seepick this up for iOS 12, as notifications have arguably been one of iOS’ biggest weaknesses for quite some time.Photo sharing suggestions In addition to photo backup functionality, Google Photos has plenty of smart capabilities. These range from automatic fixes to brand new features like colorization. has grabbed another major Photos feature for iOS 12 in the form of intelligent sharing suggestions. Much like Google Photos, ‘s photo library will suggest sharing options based on people in the photos. So if coque nasa samsung s7 you take a photo of your best friend, it’ll ask if you want to share it with them. has also touted search suggestions in its Photos app, which Google has had for coque mandala samsung s8 a while too.A long history of feature swipingIt’s always interesting to note whenannounces features that are already familiar to Android users, but this is just the latest chapter in the never ending saga of shared features between the two mobile platforms.Android P: the top features you need to knowUpdate: January 15, 2019 Google has samsung galaxy s7 edge coque bleu released the final version of Android P, now known as Android 9 Pie. Check out our full review for all of the details.