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A1778 Unlocked 256GB Cell Phones Smartphones for sale

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Coque samsung galaxy j3 harry potter iPhone X Case Review Roundup 2 coque samsung vikings-coque samsung galaxy j3 (2016)-ibjehn

iPhone X Case Review Roundup 2

Apple’s new iPhone X brings the first major design overhaul in years, so I’m taking a look at a wide range of iPhone X cases from different manufacturers to see what’s available. This is my second review roundup post, which covers , , and .

My first review roundup on cases from Twelve South, Nomad, Speck, and Apple can be found here, and in the coming days, coque iphone 4 lion I’ll have additional review roundups that highlight many other cases.

For all of my reviews, I’m looking at the general usability of iPhone X cases. Extreme coque iphone 4s rigide transparente drop tests and in depth testing aren’t covered because those factors are less important than how a case works on an average day, and it’s often fairly easy to tell from design how protective a case is going to be.

Factors like bulk, button accessibility, grip, thickness, and appearance are what I focused on. With the removal of the Home button, button presses are more important, and there are a surprising number of cases out there that make the buttons a lot coque iphone 6 femme original more tedious to press.

All of the cases in today’s review roundup support wireless charging and I’ve confirmed that each one works with a Qi wireless charger I have on hand. offers a huge selection of cases for the iPhone X, some of which are customizable and some of coque iphone 6 incassable fnac which are more standard case designs.

I’m a fan of ‘s customizable cases, and I’ve ordered them several times in the past. They’re essentially clear cases that you can add your own images to, or choose one of hundreds of designs from artists.

There are three base customizable cases: the Snap Case ( the Impact Case ( and the Glitter Case ( which has a layer of liquid filled glitter inside of it.

From left to right: Impact Case, Glitter Case, muzzano coque coque iphone 6 ghostbusters iphone Snap Case

All of these are clear, hard plastic cases that snap onto the iPhone, but the Snap Case is a simple little shell that leaves the bottom and side buttons exposed, while the Impact Case and the Glitter Case cover all of the buttons and offer protection for the bottom of the phone.

The Snap Case is the most minimal of the three customizable case options, while the Impact coque iphone 6 bleu clair Case is somewhat bulkier. The Glitter Case is the thickest of the bunch because it needs dual layers for the layer of liquid glitter to float around. It looks neat, but it adds a coque iphone 8 plus volkswagen lot of bulk. Glitter coque iphone justin bieber 2015 and Impact both cover the buttons but leave them usable and easy to press, and all three cases have a bit of a lip that comes up to protect coque iphone 5s call of duty the display.

‘s customizable cases are great because (with the exception coque iphone natacha birds of the Glitter Case) they’re lightweight, add a decent amount of protection, coque iphone xr folio and look however you want them to look. I love the look of the glitter in the Glitter Case, and while it adds a little too much rear thickness to the iPhone X for my taste, I’m still going to use it.

From left to right: Essential Woven, Essential Skin, Essential Impact

also makes non customizable cases, several of which are sleek and stylish. The( coque iphone 7 mince is a lightweight, hard shell case that has a rough texture that’s easy to grip. Darker coque iphone 6s totoro cases pair the best with the iPhone X’s black front bezels, and the black rubber rim of this case paired with the fabric back looks great. The Essential Impact ( is a clear case with a hard plastic back and flexible, shock absorbing rubber edges, and like the rest of the Essential Cases, it has a lip that protects the display.

‘s final case is the Essential Skin ( The Skin is a super slim plastic style 0.3mm case that’s similar to other cases sold by several brands. It offers only scratch protection and isn’t going to do much if you drop your phone. It also doesn’t have any display protection. is a well established iPhone case maker with several options for the iPhone X, and all of the cases I tested are relatively slim but seem to offer a decent amount of protection. Each case wraps all the coque iphone 6 couleur uni way around the iPhone X, covering the buttons and the bottom of the device, and they all come up over the screen just a bit to protect the display when face down. It’s worth noting that most of thesecases have prominent branding in the form of a largelogo on the back of most of the cases.

From left to right: NGP Sport, DualPro, Reprieve Sport, and NGP

The NGP Sport ( is made from a soft, malleable material available in several bright colors. I much faire sa coque iphone 4s prefer soft cases to hard shell cases because they’re easier to get off and feel better able to absorb shock when dropped on coque iphone 6 hand the ground. The NGP Sport has nice soft buttons that are easy to press. It’s a bit thicker than the Apple Silicone case (as a point of reference) but it’s not adding too much bulk to the phone, and it has a nice two texture design. The material it’s made from is smooth and untextured for the most part, so it’s a bit hard to grip.

The Reprieve Sport ( is a hard plastic clear case with rubber that wraps around the coque iphone 5c citations sides and extra reinforcement at the corners. It’s about as thick as the NGP Sport, but the clear back is nice because it lets the design of the iPhone X shine through. I like the reinforced corners paired with an extra thick lip around the display, as both make this case feel more protective than the average iPhone case. I’m not a huge fan of the color combo, butoffers several options.

From left to right: NGP Sport, Reprieve Sport, NGP

The NGP ( may be my favorite case from . It’s made from a malleable rubber material that’s thin but still offers some light protection. It’s not going to be as protective as something like the Reprieve Sport, but it’s almost unnoticeable on the phone, adds a good amount of grip, is designed in such a way to leave the buttons easy to press, and is just plain nice to hold.

The DualPro ( is one of the coque iphone 6 horreur most protective cases thatmakes. It has a two layered design that pairs a thin, flexible internal case with a hard outer shell, which is nice because it’s versatile. If you want, you can remove the outer shell to have a thinner case, snapping it back on when you need additional protection. The inner case is not quite as slim as the NGP, but coque iphone 6 chaine coque iphone 5c fee it’s close, and paired with the outer shell, it’s the thickest of ‘s offerings.

When I say thick, though, it’s still worth noting coque iphone 6 kim kardashian that it’s fairly slim this doesn’t add a huge amount of bulk and seems to be a nice compromise between thickness and protection. Buttons are a little bit harder to press because they’re covered, and I do wish the material offered more grip, but it’s a nice case. seems to specialize in cases with a minimal design, something that will appeal coque iphone 5s antidérapante to people looking for slim cases coque iphone 6 marante with muted colors and nearly invisible branding…